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SA 2100 S

Corrugated Board : E/ B/ C/ A/ AB flute

Max. Sheet Size : 2100 × 1300 mm

Min. Sheet Size : 850 × 600 mm

Max. Mechanical Speed : 3500 s/h

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- Simple and effective feeding system, short seeder set up time hence higher efficiency and productivity;

- Side guide to position the pile center;

- Feeder lifting pile pallet for automatic sheet pile lifting.


- Safety door and die chase safety locking to ensure safe operation;

- Complete lost sheet control throughout the entire machine;

- Center line system for quick change of die and short set up time;

- Cutting plate with air cushion underneath for easy.


- Heavy duty double action stripping system to ensure positive stripping;

- Center line system for quick stripping die set up; 

- Motorized upper frame suspending hoister; 

- Gripper margin stripping device.


- Automatic high pile delivery system; 

- Front, back and side joggers to ensure neat stacking;

- Air cylinder chain tensioner and chain safety protection limit switch.


- Top quality electrical components with latest PLC control technology to ensure trouble free running.

Stock Range

Corrugated Board

E/ B/ C/ A/ AB flute

Basic Performance

Max. Sheet Size

2100 × 1300 mm

Min. Sheet Size

850 × 600 mm

Max. Mechanical Speed

3500 s/h

Manual Feeding Mechanical Speed

2000-3000 s/h

Max. Cutting Pressure

500 ton


Max. Cutting Size

2080 × 1280 mm 

Inner Chase Size

2110 × 1330 mm 

Min. Gripper Margin

15 mm

Gripper Margin Adjustable Range

±3 mm

Min. Stitching Distance

5.5 mm

Cutting Rule Height

23.8 mm


Total Power Required

40 kw

Variable Speed Main Motor Power

30 kw

Electrical Power

380V, 3 phase, 50HZ

Machine Dimensions

6920 × 6800 × 2730 mm (L × W × H) 

Net Weight

42.5 ton


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