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PE1450 SE

Card board:thickness = 0.2~2 mm 

Corrugated board:F、E、B Flute(thickness = 0.7~4.5mm) 

Max. Sheet Size:1450 mm × 1100 mm

Min. Sheet Size:700 mm × 500 mm

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- Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment for wide range stock;

- New belt swing feeding rollers ensure smooth feeding even with warp corrugated board;

- Motorized movement of Feeder pile table during production;

- Fine air blast at lead edge for smooth thin paper transport;


- Electrical double sheet detector;

- Side lays on both sides, push and pull convertible depend on stocks;

- Sheet slow down device to ensure accurate position of the sheet arrival at front lays


- Triple action stripping system to ensure clean and positive waste stripping;

- Upper and lower stripping tool mounting frame can be pulled out for job set up and make ready;

- 300mm upper stripping frame raiser enhances greatly the operation space, more operator friendly


- Accurate mobile platen position and pressure tonnage digital display for easy operation;

- Overloading safety device to limit maximum operating pressure at 300 tons;

- Four front lay stopper each with individual position adjustment for wide range stocks;

- Gripper bar with individual position adjustment ensures precise sheet registration;


- Automatic high pile delivery system;

- Non-stop auxiliary delivery curtain for continuous production hence great productivity;

- Electrical batch counter and tape inserter come as standard;

- Gripper edge removal system with transport belt to remove the gripper edge sideways to the drive side;

Technical Specifications

PE 1450SE

        Stock Range

        Card board

thickness = 0.2~2 mm

        Corrugated board

F、E、B   Flute(thickness = 0.7~4.5mm)

        Machine Length

9.9*5.3 m

        Machine Width 

28 Ton

        Max. Sheet Size

1450 mm × 1100 mm

        Min. Sheet Size

700 mm × 500 mm

        Max. Cutting Pressure

400 Ton

        Max. Cutting Size

1450 mm × 1080 mm

        Inner Chase Size

1480 mm ×1106 mm

        Cutting Plate Size

1472 mm × 1086 mm

        Min. Gripper Waste

10 mm  (subject to working   environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)

        Min. Gripper Margin


        Cutting Rule Height

23.8mm or 23.6mm

        Max.  Mechanical Speed

5500 m/min

        Total Power Requirement


        Max. Air Requrement

0.7 m³/min


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